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An important part of on-page search engine optimization is Meta Tag. If you want to make your blog search engine friendly then you must use the meta tag on the blog. Meta description and Meta keywords are the most popular Html tags that describe the content of your blog to search engine. It helps to index your blog properly in search engine. Although the meta tag does not appear in the blog post, it plays a very important role for the search engine.

Meta Description: Here you can use up to 150 characters. You can use the Character Counter Tool to count characters.

Meta Keywords: Pick a few keywords based on the topic of your blog. Visitors will come to your blog from a search engine via Keyword. Most people use dozens of Competitive Keywords. In fact, it is completely unnecessary and leaves you behind a search engine. Pick and use a few good quality keywords to suit your blog content. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to select keywords.

Meta Author: It's not that important, but most bloggers want to use their name or blog's name. You can use your name or blog name if you wish. You can leave this room blank if you do not want to give more names.

Meta Robot: Sometimes you don't want your blog to be crawled and indexed by search engine robots. Do it. So you say robots that don't crawl the data. Then you'll use the No follow or No index tag. But on the default blog ALL is selected. If you do not understand this option, you can leave it blank.

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