Color Code Generator

We web designers use different colors to make the website attractive. But there are many people who make the mistake of recognizing the color or even know the color code but do not know the color code. This page is basically for them. Through this page you will find different colors and color codes.

কালার কোড জেনারেটর

Hex (HTML) Color Code Generator :

How to Use:
  • Select the color of the drug by using your computer's mouse. 
  • Brightness / Saturation can make the color of choice of color by number in the room..
  • Using the Hue bar you can change different colors.
  • Shows the color you selected in the Swatch Bar.
  • In the Hex Box you will find the color code you want. You can copy this code of six digits and use it anywhere.

Color Code Generator Wheel :

How to Use:
  • With this tool you can learn about the color of the codes.
  • In the empty box below, leave the # symbol and paste the code and click on Update.
  • Matching the code you want will show in the box to the right of the color.

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