It is good to know the urgent things before buying a bike or a motorcycle-

In the huge potential of the motorcycle industry, the rates of bike usage in this country are relatively low, but experts say that the motorcycle in Bangladesh will be home to all the families at home. The people of Bangladesh are becoming increasingly dependent on it for personal use or for commercial use, especially the small and medium-income population. But most of the time, many people are not able to buy a bicycle in different temptations. As a result, there are many problems with economic losses. We are presenting the results of longevity and review with this here. Hopefully you will be benefited

Learning to ride motorcycles and driving licenses: Many of us learn to ride motorcycles and buy driving licenses only after buying a new bike, which is not desirable from a safe rider. By doing so, we push ourselves to the disaster, and sometimes they are getting tired of legal complications. So before buying a bike, we should learn to run better and get a driving license.

Expenditure or Budget: Before buying a motorcycle, the budget will be the first to give priority. The amount of money you are willing to buy on a motorcycle depends on it, your remaining steps. Suppose if your budget is between 50 to 80 thousand rupees in the context of present Bangladesh, then you will have to think about the first-stage bikes alone. Again if your budget is between 80 thousand to 1 million 30 rupees then you can get standard standard bikes. Once the budget increases, there will be freedom to choose bike companies and models.

Which type of bike or bike is suitable for you: Based on your age, social status and budget, look for any type of bike for you. Generally standard type bikes are more useful for business people or business people over the age of 40 years. On the other hand, young people usually prefer the type of type bikes. Adventure favors are dirt bikes and complimentary or comfort favored cruiser bikes. There are various quality and price scooters for the ladies. All this depends on your age personal taste and budget.

Buy a brand's bike: At present, about 35 companies are selling their produced or imported motorcycles in Bangladesh. Every company is moving ahead according to their own plans and goals. Not all companies are suitable for bikes in all categories.

Like Indian companies, heroes, TVs or Bajaj's are known for their standard bikes in Bangladesh. And with these standard bikes they are known all over the world. The biggest advantage of these bikes in these categories is that they are energy efficient and relatively low prices. Everyone wants to be a steady category bike fuel economy.
On the other hand, the Japanese brand Honda or Yamaha is famous for their types of type-type bikes all over the world including Bangladesh. Comparing their bike prices is a bit more. Because the Yamaha brand does not have a plant in Bangladesh, the price of this brand bike is much higher. However, the specialty of these company's bikes is usually quite durable. The main attraction of Faisal Khan Turun in Bangladesh is that their type type bikes.

On the other hand, on the other hand, millions of world-famous brands of apothecaries - Aprea or KTM's spokes bikes, whose prices are high in Bangladesh.

Although cruz bike is not very demanding in Bangladesh, Bajaj, Keeway, AtlasZongshen and H Power brand cruiser bikes are on the market, especially Chinese brand Haojue's attractive two cruiser bikes that will attract everyone.Now Asakus Aporod Bike or Dirt Bike. This class bike is quite limited in Bangladesh, but the famous brand Kawasaki has sold two spare or dirt bikes in Bangladesh. Although their current market value is very high.

Scooter, the main confidence rating of Bangladeshi nationals, is currently available in Bangladesh with a number of significant scooter brands. Such as Honda, Suzuki, Bajaj, TVS are selling their produced Scooter in Bangladesh.

There are currently some good electric electric bikes available in Bangladesh. Notable among them are Akij and GreenTiger.

  • Bike license: Dealer or you can also own your bike because you have to pay bikes as engine cc and weight.
  • Purchase personal safety equipment: Many of us do not buy it for the extra cost, but keep in mind that personal safety is all before. In this case, not only helmet, but also with safety boots, eye glasses and dildella Poses.
  • Biker safety equipment: There is a fear of being stolen after buying a bike. This fear will alleviate the good quality lock. In this case, GPS or alarm system can be used.
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