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Landing page is a very important part of reaching a website or blog at the professional level. Because the landing page allows visitors to the website to give a complete idea about the whole site. As a result, visitors can easily visit the desired location by understanding what items are needed on your website. Moreover, if you start a website for business or organization, then you must keep a landing page for the website.

It is very easy to create Landing Page for other platforms other than Google Blogger, but there is some problem with Blogger. Because Google Blogger's original page is made in Landing Page, it is necessary to read the post page. That's why making a blogger's landing page is a lot of trouble. With all the problems, we will show today how to create a Landing Page for Google Blogger by keeping the original Blogger Themes?

Why need Landing Page?

If you do not start blogging or website for that purpose, you will always try to keep valuable content on your website's main page. Through a Landing Page, you can highlight your organization's important services, social media, upcoming events and promotion products, along with promoters. Attracting a professional quality attractive Landing Page reader will also keep them as regular readers of your blog. Moreover, each of the well-known websites has a beautiful Landing Page. Landing Page is needed for a blog considering overall aspects.

How to Create Landing Page:

To do this, you must have some good ideas about HTML and CSS. If you do not have knowledge about these two things, then it will be a bit of a hasty to design the page properly. If you have no knowledge about this, you can contact us.

  • First log in to your Blogger Account.
  • Then create a new page by clicking on Page> New Page from the Blogger Dashboard.

  • You can see the following image by clicking on the new page of the image above.
  • Click the Page Settings on the right side of the image as shown in the image settings and publish the page with a name of the page.

  • Now click on the Theme> Edit HTML from the Blogger Dashboard.

  • Then press Ctrl + F to search ]]> </ b: skin> section.
  • Now paste the following Css code below the ]]> </ b: skin> tag

[code start] <b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;Your Landing Page URL&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
/* Hide Options
--------------------------------------- */
/* Hide Options,If Using Default Theme
--------------------------------------- */
/* Changing Width
--------------------------------------- */
</b:if> [code end]

  • Here the URL of the page you created in place of the red color Your Landing Page URL should be placed. As a result, this Conditional Tag will only apply to Landing Page.
  • Now, when you paste the desired design HTML and CSS code in your created Landing Page Editor, Page will be created.
  • That's All.
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