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What is Image Processing and Data Mining ?

Friday, February 15, 2019
Many of you have some idea about image processing and data mining. In fact, image processing is a compilation of a number of photos. With which it is possible to monitor invisible objects and to revive the old image. Let us know more about image processing and data mining:

What is Image?

We all know what the image is about. In general, images mean images and images, meaning the image. But the issue that we are moving here is image processing, in this case the meaning of the image will be somewhat different.The image is two dimensional arrays. And the digital image is a binary information group, where the information is arranged in row and column form. There is three information in a color image. For example - red, blue, green, green There are many color level information on different points of the image. The level of an 8-bit image can be 0 to 255.

Why the image needs to be processed?

Before processing any image, let's know what is the image processing? Image processing is the digital video frame. That is, the sum of the videos created by a frame or some of the pictures is called image processing. As an image input in image processing, another picture comes as an output. The processing is done in the middle of the input and output. Let's clear the issue by example, suppose you went to Cox's Bazar. You like the ocean surge waves you like it. You told one of your closest friends, that is, how was the sound of the waves. On the other hand, the image processing that your friend made about the place / wave that you heard about it is image processing.

Now let's see why the image needs to be processed. Processing is necessary to monitor the non-visible objects and to re-capture almost lost images.

Image processing is again two types:

  1. Analog Image Processing 
  2. Digital Image Processing
  • Analog Image Processing - Analog Image Processing is called Visual Technique. Different types of computer such as hard copy such as printouts, photographs are used in this technique.
  •  Digital Image Processing - Digital image processing refers to the technique of efficiently processing an image through a computer. As an example of digital image processing, the moon, sun, star etc. Which we did not understand well when we did not process the computer.

What is Data mining ?

Data mining is a way to solve problems through data analysis. On the other hand, the process of sorting large data sets to establish relationships. The main aim of the data mining is to find out the data from the data store and to classify the data in order to make it suitable for the required / related work. Finding important information about different users or users, finding out how to reach the destination is basically the data mining

How Data Mining is an Addition Process?

Data mining in computer technology is a new addition method. Data Mining is a compute or counting system consisting of artificial intelligence, statistics and database management systems. It is possible to discover numerous data through this process. Besides, data mining is needed to find valuable data hidden in more than one data.

How does data mining work?

Basically the data mining works in the calculation method. Apart from the use of statistics and artificial intelligence, the discovery of new pattern from a large amount of data / data is done through data mining. The Database (DBMS) management system specially helps to do this. This method works very quickly and accurately.

I think, that the article has given you a beautiful idea about image processing and data mining. If you have difficulty reading or understanding any part of the article, please make a comment.
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What is HDR? How does it work? Effects and versions of the image

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Currently HDR system is used on almost every smartphone, camera or television bought in good prices. We have taken HDR photos with almost all of our smartphones. Or we have seen HDR quality video images on television or any video device. Now the question is, did you see any difference between a picture and an image taken in HDR? The answer must be yes, because the image taken in the HDR is to use a more dynamic range than the normal picture, which makes the image look very clean and colorful. Now this HDR photo is taken up, but most people do not know about it well enough. Let's know today what is the HDR? How does it work?

What is HDR?

At first we will know what the full meaning of HDR. The full meaning of HDR is the High Dynamic Range. Here, the dynamic Range means that the power of a camera can highlight something in the light and in the dark. The more of it the cameras will be able to highlight any more light and detail in the light and in the dark.

Effects of the Image:

Now let's come to the analysis. Suppose you are sitting in a house and outside of the house there are many sunny sky Here you can see everything in the light of the house as transparent and colorful, the same can be seen in the same bright blue cloud outside. Because people can see all the shades of dark in the dark of the eyes to be very bright. But a normal camera can not see all the sheds transparently.

If there is a normal camera in your place at the same position above, then the camera will take a specific exposure in the picture or the part of the cell will not be perfect, The two parts can not be perfected together at the same time. But the HDR has come to make this simple camera possible to do the impossible. This means that the use of HDR can highlight the bright part and the dark part of the two parts in detail and clearly.

How does it work?

Now the question is how does HDR work. It is essentially through a method of HDR process. The procedure is taken by the normal camera, only one photo is taken, but three photos are taken together in the HDR process. For example, you take a picture where you have sunlight behind you and you're sitting in front of it. Now this way if a picture is taken in a normal camera then you can see that your appearance is dark and the outer lights look more clearly. But when the same picture is taken in the HDR process, your appearance and outer light can be seen in roughly transparent and detailed form.

Because here three pictures have been taken. First of all, a picture has been taken in high light, that is why your appearance is clearly and detailed in the high light. The second is taken down in the lower light, that is, here it is clearly and detailed in the light of your back sun. Then the ending image was taken in a light like a normal camera. Now these three pictures merge into the HDR process to become a beautiful, transparent and more perfect picture.

Versions of HDR:

I knew what ever the HDR Let's now know about some versions of this. Three types of HDR versions are HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. Now we will know about these three things.

HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG among the three, HDR10 was first published on August 27, 2015 and anyone free to use it without any kind of license. As a result, it is available everywhere and its popularity is high. This is a very standard HDR version. It makes our photo or video image brighter and colorful. On the other hand, Dolby Vision is a much better format than HDR, which gives better results than HDR10. This means that our pictures and video images will look much more bright and colorful. Most of the programs or movies we watch on TV are now seen on HDR10 and Dolby Vision. These two versions can give us a good quality picture.

Let's now come in HLG's words. It is full of hybrid log-gamma. It is basically a format of HDR like HDR10 and dolby vision. But it differs from the previous two versions. Because where these two versions of Games, 4K Blue-Ray or Netflix are limited to Amazon videos, HGL is used for its broadcasts, satellites and live broadcasts.
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Video developers have increased 6x the revenue on YouTube

Friday, February 08, 2019
Google's Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said that the income of video makers on YouTube has increased 6x. He said, now the channels established on YouTube are being given importance. Last year, one million subscribers got double the subscription. Video producers' earnings increased 5x to 6x.
He said these things during the discussion on Google's marginal earnings with analysts on Monday. News Gadgets Now

Video breaks faster if the policy breaks

Google's Chief Executive Pichai said that YouTube is facing various problems in controlling fake data, which will violate YouTube's policy, the importance of removing this year will be seriously highlighted.

Google's big profit with Youtube

In the last three months of 2018, Google's subsidiary company Alphabets total revenue was $ 39.3 billion. In this, Google's digital advertising business comes from 32.6 billion US dollars. 32 percent more than the same period last year.

About 200 million viewers in the month, the company's platform will bring great profits to Google in the future, officials of the company think.

Google's Chief Executive said, YouTube's video has played an important role in revenue growth. But he did not want to tell details of Youtube income.

Premium service to watch ads free

Today Google has launched music and premium services in 30 countries. Currently there is only YouTube TV in the United States. Pichai also said that there is now the opportunity to watch video-free video spending on YouTube premium services. YouTube Music and YouTube premiums will be emphasized for subscription services.
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How to turn on Facebook instant article

Tuesday, February 05, 2019
You can start Facebook Instant Article on your website just by completing 6 steps.

  1. First click on https://instantarticles.fb.com to see how each step Facebook shows you how to do it.
  2. After signing up, you will be asked to select your page on the next page. You can select the page, from the page you want to start the instant article system. If you agree with the terms of the Facebook, mark this box and turn on 'Instant Article Tools'.
  3. Now go to your selected page. From there, click Publishing Tools. After clicking on the left side you will see new options called 'instant article'. From there click on 'Configuration'.
  4. Click on 'Authorize your site'.
  5. After clicking on Authorized Your Site, you will be taken to a new box below, where you can link to your personal website. Here's one thing to say, if you are a WordPress website, then you must launch a new addon on your site "Facebook Instant Article" and then immediately submit the link for the instant article. If you want to link your website directly to the HTML website then you will claim. If you can not claim, contact your site's developer.
  6. After properly claiming your website link, Facebook Automatically brings all the posts posted on your website to Instant Content Tools. From there, Facebook will select 5 articles automatically for review. After properly submitting your post review, you will have to wait 24-48 hours. All right, will allow you to publish instant articles on your page. You will usually receive reviews within 2 to 3 days. If your writing is unique then your account will be launched as a Facebook Instant article. Once your Instant article is activated, you can see how much Income is going to your Facebook developer app.

Information that is important to know

If the instant article is active then you must give unique content. Even though copy site content was initially received, Facebook would have accepted it. Since the recent updates, Facebook has canceled the instant article on the contents of the coppecific content. If you want to increase the income from this feature, especially the bigger Bangladeshi immigrants will have to target. From there, the reader enters the comparative income will increase. Many believe that the instant article reduces the traffic to the website. Actually the readers of the site will reduce the reader of the site but the hits of the site will not decrease. At the same time, the instant article will not affect the Alexa ranking as well. For this, the google analytics code will be placed on the instant article on Facebook and the reader's statistics will be shown to the analyst.

How much money can be earned?

Depending on how popular your online news media will be based on how much your income will be. The language of your site is Bengali or English is not a matter. Income will be added to your account from where the reader reads in the country or abroad. If you are a reader in major countries like the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, your income will be relatively high. There are also websites that earn millions of dollars from Bangladesh.

How will the ad come?

Facebook will publish advertisements with your Facebook page posts through instant articles from your website, and for that ad, Facebook will basically give you money. If you have to add Google Adsense to your website, then it will not have any effect on 'Facebook Instant Article'.

How will the money come?

Money will come directly to your bank account. Or if your Facebook Instant article sees any agency then they will come with their own money and give you a check or cash payment. If not at least $ 100, Facebook does not send any payment, and if you have more than 10,000 dollars, you have to go to the bank and fill in the form. With the included invoice sent from Facebook. Then, without any restriction, the money will come to your bank account in time.

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Income From Facebook Instant Articles

Saturday, February 02, 2019
Not just online news media. Facebook, the world's largest social network, will pay for managing any website based on content. In fact, Facebook has introduced this feature to keep users on their social media platforms more time, to fast site access (loading time), news sites to get more Facebook, to capture advertisers' target PEOPLE and to share revenue with website owners. If the income is $ 100 then your bank account will come. Already the top news media of Bangladesh has been linked to the instant article on Facebook. Besides, small and medium online press agencies in Dhaka city and outside Dhaka are also connected with this method every time. As a result, earning money from Facebook is also earning extra money by operating the office and paying the workers. However, many start the instant article but do not get the desired results. Some people are going out of the rules and turning on the instant article, the account is being canceled.

What is Instant Article?

Facebook has been an integral part of modern life for a long time. Facebook is not just a medium of social communication, but it is here to find out the various national and international news. Headlines or links to thousands of news headlines every day in Facebook Newsfeed To read the news from this title, you have to leave Facebook on a specific website. And the mobile phone readers only know how much time it is! Do not want to wait for the waiting turn again. Facebook has come to change the traditional bitter experience of the reader, a magic wand called 'instant article'. Now a click on the news headline or link, right! The news will be available on Facebook in lightning When you post a post on your website as an instant article, users will not have to spend an MB to read it in new tabs or browsers. But yes, Facebook Instant Article only allows smartphone users to see.

The world's largest news media has already been associated with the instant article feature on Facebook. US Press The New York Times, BuzzFed, National Geographic was the first in the list. Later, the more moderate media was involved with the instant article. Popular newspapers like The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Independent, India Today, have also become integral to the instant article to make the reader's news reading experience comfortable.

In early March 2015, Mark Zuckerberg offered a direct content post to several media to provide hosting services for news sharing in the news market. Huffington Post, National Geographic, New York Times, BBC and BuzzFeed have the opportunity to post content directly through instant articles. Then on April 12, 2016, formally opened the instant article for all, Facebook. The new addition or feature of Facebook is primarily meant to change the experience of internet users from mobile phones. At the fastest time (Facebook says, electricity is), an internet user can read his favorite news from Facebook. By knowing the name, the main feature of this feature is 'Immediate'. He saw and click, That will be the work that has to be done. You have to wait for news or any content to be loaded.

For the reader, the instant article is more open, the instant article is a kind of app. Suppose you are using Facebook from mobile. At that time you saw a news link on your Newsfeed, then clicked. Then the site of the news will be loaded on your mobile, and then you can see the whole news, so do it! The instant article magic is there. Forget about how it happened before, before. As soon as clicking on a news link attached to the instant article, it will come in your mobile, because it works 10 times faster. And bigger than that, it is the first thing that brings the news to your mobile, and not the site.

Users can now zoom into any of the high-resolution zones, automatically watching the video you can watch without any interruption. You do not have to think that it has been loaded from the internet, but it seems like it is a saved file, you have opened immediately after clicking! Whether there is any content related to the instant article, there is an easy way to understand it. Whenever you see a thunderbolt sign on the right of any shared link, understand that it is the instant article!

Instant Article Facility

  • The article will load very fast.
  • From the next article, there will be an article cache, and it will be loaded from the cache instead of being reloaded.
  • Article status can be found on Facebook page.
  • Generate revenue by adding monetization.

Instant Articles Difficulty

  • Site widgets, especially in WordPress, will not work in many shortcodes.
  • Visitors of the main site will be reduced.
  • But the site's ranking will not be reduced.

Everything that needs to be added to the instant article

  • Another Facebook page for the site (but the instant article on the new page has become much harder now)
  • Regular text should be published on the site
  • Instant Articles for WP Plugin
  • Bank account
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The sun's behavior will change!

Sunday, December 30, 2018
A new round of sun will start at the beginning of 2020. Whose scientific name is 'solar cycle' or 'sunspot cycle'. Scientists of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research recently reported this information in a report. According to the report, 'solar cycle 24' is currently running, which will end in December 2019. According to scientists, the weakest cycle from this century is Cycle 24. But the next cycle will be stronger than this. By 2024 it will be the most powerful.

But what is this 'solar cycle'? Every 11 years the Sun's magnetic field reverses. This resulted in various changes in the solar system. The change happens in its radiation. Even in the face of the sun In 1843, "Samuel Henrique Schuab" invented this revolution of the Sun.

The sun has its roots in the Earth's natural energy. As a result, the effect that will affect the world due to the change in his nature is normal. According to the scientists, 150 to 200 sun-spots are seen when solar cycle are strong. This reduces warming. However, scientists are not expecting any hope in the solar cycle 25. The result of this change in the sun is not only on the weather. According to space scientists, this effect will also be affected by satellite and other space-based technologies.

The Bengali version of this information has been published here
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13 principles of Benjamin Franklin's life changed

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
What is the importance of your life, what is the importance of determining? How much value and values do you need, and how are you? In the era of globalization, we get such information in the perimeter that gives us more confusing conditions. This type of acceptance and acceptance of our news also changed. As we influence our thinking process, we confuse important and important issues. In this situation, you should avoid unwanted things that are really important in your life. In this case, we can be pleased with Benjamin Franklin.


I am lying in the trap of capitalism or we do not know it. The funeral procession around Think of how moderate it could be? Restraint is a characteristic quality. This is to achieve through practice. Some people but they are practicing this quality. So we should try to use as much as we need. It also allows you to be clear to the conscience.


There are many people who love to talk excessively. But, once you think about it, you are being infuriated by others. Fill your own lug not only by the number but also by the value. Before you talk about how much you know about the matter. Is that enough enough to know? Just say to refrain from producing others's anger. Stay silent Try to understand your surroundings.


Keep everything up. Keep everything up to date until you get the information from your use. Keep all the information you need in the daily routine. If Benjamin Franklin was alive today, he would surely be surprised to see our growing belongings.


Just do the problem that needs to be resolved. Then go towards others. Go ahead and set a goal. Spell a pyramid. List less important than the most important ones. Then put a cross mark in front of it after finishing it. Try to achieve a goal at once.

The excuses people often fail.
- Benjamin Franklin


Remove the nature of kirp Do not underestimate the cost. Convert economics into your habits. At this time everyone wants to live luxurious life. You see the contrast of the currents. You will feel strong and confident. You'll have fun at this. It's like a game. But do not be economical again to help others. Through this, you will also be able to earn the ability to win hard times. You will get many articles about how to reduce the cost. You can choose from this with your life.

Hard work

Use the time. Try not to waste time without needing to use it. Try to do productive work rather than being busy. Success can be found here. Always try to stay away from unnecessary issues.


Think straightforward and rationally. And say correctly when you say. Just as thoughts and deeds will keep you happy if you are honest and honest, everyone around you will also be affected. Sometimes we refrain from telling the truth. Because I do not want to hurt others. But that trouble can save the person from any big trouble. And there is no point in hurting yourself as untrue. Rather, it will turn the subject to more complexity.


It is not right to be biased on anyone. If such behavior is done to others, then it will be with yourself. Because, people will enjoy the consequences of his work, wherever he is. No one should be angry with anyone.


Nothing good at all. Should have avoided thinking too much. Overcrowding is not pleasant at all. If you have a balanced life with patience and endurance, it will be easy to find the challenge.

Some people die in 25 years but they are not cured for 75 years.
- Benjamin Franklin


If the inside is clean then it will be reflected outside. Do not let the body, clothing, habit, or mind stay unobtrusive anywhere. Because, you can be attacked by microbial attacks.


It is not good to be excited about trivial matters. Accept those things that are small, always happen or can not be avoided. Try the best. You will be free from this. There will be no reason to feel unhappy. There is nothing to be unhappy if failing at the highest attempts. Because, the best things are waiting for you.


Ensure the purity of your mind. Because, purity will only bring more purity. There are many people who are addicted to physical. For this, maybe resort to bad ways. The correctness is diminished. Many people are addicted to porn, which makes them unproductive.


Follow the biography of the great people. But do not imitate. Follow the way they have spent their lives in a simple way. It will be easy to survive without trouble. But there will be some change because of their social system and our society is not the same.

Benjamin Franklin said, to work on any one of the methods at once. So it will be easy to pay attention. And achieving success will be easy. First identify your character traits. Next, observe these thirteen policies. Work continuously with those that are not in your character until they become your habit.
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Decision that three mistakes should be avoided

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Which wrong decision is the trouble of life? Not everyone has ever made a wrong decision. It is more in the form of immature age. But many people can not come out of it even when they are mature. But if the decisions were made to go wrong again and again. Of course, it should be searched for reasons. Otherwise, life will not be ruled out and will not come under control.

Those three mistakes will be avoided but it is not very easy to identify. But let me tell you that they can not defeat you by making a decision.


Most of our activities are controlled by emotions. But it may not always be negative. Suppose you bought a meal that you never ate for lunch. After the meal, your money was ruined. You can accept this bad habitue. But being emotionally married to someone you are not happy with. It will take you through life forever. The funny thing is, most marriages but people are passionate.
Decision-making is basically on the basis of seeing, listening and feeling. Then its negativity and positivity are expressed. We first see opportunities, then discuss, then feel. In this case, three senses are used. We should not refrain from using any sense in decisions made to be emotional.

Therefore, we should make decisions by using three senses in the right way.

By the age of 57 I knew, life is a combination of opportunities. There will be some opportunities for every trip and the best to choose from. This decision makes us life.
- Mark Dewin


A lady said she decided to buy a new car. Because, it was beautiful. However, while running it, he found that he could not sit properly in the driving seat. The car has grown up for it. So he decided to sell it. But he changed his mind talking to the sales representative. Just three years later, when there is still a two-year loan payment, he feels regretful before driving. Often we value others' opinions. I forget that I myself will enjoy the result of the decision. The person you want to ask may help you make a wrong decision for his interests. So be careful. Judge judging by reasoning.
Do not let your right decision be hijacked by others.

Sometimes a small decision will change the whole life.
- Kerry Russell


We often spend extra thoughts. Because, because we are hesitant, we try to resolve with a lot of thinking. Here the interlude works. It constantly keeps us in the head, tired of us. To get out of this dialectic condition, keep the following things in mind-

Remember that having a conflict means 'no'. It can never be positive. So think about something other than what you are confronted with.
Take the time. Let the unconscious mind start his work. Stop thinking for a specific time. Then see how easy it is.
Analyze the risks and profits. If you have low profits, take less risk and take more risk if you have more profits.
Do you feel a little too heavy? Avoid these mistakes will increase your chances of making the right decision. If ninety-nine percent of the decisions are correct, then what is the key to success? Of course not.
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Simple strategy to avoid criticism

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
As a human, we live in a social group or environment. It is mixed with different mentality and people of different opinions. And where the more people are there, the more views are there. Criticism is a regular habit of the number of people who can survive in society, very few. Interestingly, none of us can be found who is interested in criticizing himself. But on the way to life, people have to face less criticism than in the beginning, starting from a career in every field. It is normal for criticism of work or use. It will continue to do so. It should have the mentality to accept it instead of taking into consideration unnecessary debate or conflict with critics. Then it can be possible to succeed in life.

But we should believe that these two kinds of criticism can come against any good work. But if we become angry or scared of criticism of anybody, it will be difficult to achieve success. Those who are afraid of criticism, they face a lot of confusion before going to any work, and for some time, many do not work in fear of criticism. If we are afraid to start, how will success come? If we continue to tolerate criticism then victory will come. And if it does not come for any reason, then there will be satisfaction in mind that I tried, maybe no conquest was won. Therefore, to achieve success, there must be a mentality to listen to or criticize criticism and have the desire to learn some lessons from criticism.

It is normal for us to be misinterpreted in the way of life. But intelligent people do not do the same mistake again and again. Rather, they try to learn from wrong actions. So it is a wise thing to learn to get rid of mistakes by not making mistakes in the wrong way. And if someone is sitting on the wrong side waiting for my mistake and after criticizing my mistake then he will understand that he is taunting me. Of course, everyone may not be used to listening to criticism. The person who is not accustomed to hearing his criticism - actually has less confidence in himself. Not by me, I can not do this kind of thinking if we do, I have already weakened myself. If there is self-confidence, then many impossible can be made possible. For those who can not depend on themselves, it is very difficult to succeed in life. Still, taking critics positively can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes we have to face criticism about work or at times, about love. But it is important to know how to handle criticism.

If you can learn the following 9 steps correctly, you can succeed in life by avoiding criticism and using criticism.

1. Avoid it

It will become critics and criticize it has become a normal side. Even if you do good, you have to bear the criticism of the arrow of criticism. We have no salvation from criticism. Yes, it is true that when someone criticizes you, it is very difficult to avoid it. But as intelligent you will be able to overcome its criticism and go through it. Because someone said something to you or explained your presence in something, that does not mean that you really got associated with all of them. So let's avoid his criticism of intelligent work.

2. Believe in yourself

If you believe in yourself, you will not have to face the criticism. And critics will be hampering your losses. Because when you know yourself or who you are, then any other word or sentence that is spoken by others will not hurt you or hurt you. As a result, criticism can not hurt you. On the other hand, if you can not believe yourself on yourself, then you have created a golden chance for critics yourself. Then you will have to wear them in the face of criticism. So believe in yourself, critics will not be able to grab you.

3. Take the view

Being criticized is not an easy thing. Many people express their opinions through criticism. And this may not be the case with your mind. But it should be remembered for its viewpoint. All of the work is now full of many people. Here, many people will come with different types of intellect. And if it is possible to take these different types of things right then it is possible to move far ahead using it. So accept criticism as a different kind of perspective rather than negatively, and take ideas from it. Think about how this idea can be used in the future.

4. Work according to your self-satisfaction

If you work against your mind if you are influenced by the criticism of others, then that work will not only give you peace but will send you to the streets of failure. That will bring sorrow to your life. So, the simple way of not putting yourself in touch with others is to suggest that you do not have the satisfaction of enjoying everyone together. It is normal for anyone to be unhappy with your work or use at the same time. So please respect everyone's honor and work according to your self-satisfaction, and you will not be able to do any harm to criticism as you will achieve such success.

5. Keep calm

Many people get head warm when listening to criticism. Many people can not handle themselves again in some cases. That is why Amy's ability to take good things from criticism is to lose power. And this thing is very harmful. It will sever ties with your non-existent person and you will gradually move away from people. Do not criticize and criticize people less than everyone. So keep yourself calm or cool. In this case, you should learn how to calm yourself even when you hear criticism. It is not easy for them to have hot temperament. But if you try, it can be rectified. Any criticism should be taken on a cold head. If the issue of criticism is not correct in this case, it can be explained in a cool head. It may also be avoided by using your own intelligence depending on the situation.

6. Take something, leave something

Criticism will come in our lives and this truth will lead us to life with our acceptance. So we have to find out how to put criticism on our own work. So if you have to criticize that you have to accept the whole issue or not have to leave the whole thing. Review criticism well. Accept the part of it that is beneficial for you and helps you on your way. And leave the part that you feel is unnecessary. In this way, you can accept good things from criticism that will help you to move forward.

7. Positive outlook

Critical means that bad is the basis that has been established on our basis. And this creates the main problem. So, we think beforehand the anticipation of the idea is born. But remember that the vandalism is your biggest beneficial friend. Therefore, critics have to accept positively. Many people have said that criticism is a bad thing, many people first thought that. It should not matter though. Do not criticize your colleagues, customers or boss in this regard, and find out the reason for that criticism. This will help to create a positive outlook on your problem.

8. Take care of yourself

Critics help you without your knowledge. If you understand this fact, you will not be able to catch criticism in your net. Because they themselves do not even know how big they are doing by misleading you by criticizing them. If you understand the mistakes and mistakes you can take, then only sixteen full. Think about the mistakes shown by critics. Take the promotion to correct those mistakes. By doing this your weakness will be transformed into your energy.

9. Be honest with yourself

Establishing yourself as a good man is not only in this case but in every step of life, it is very important to remain honest in every step. And this great quality gives you the role of reaching the top of success in all areas. Honesty gives you the inspiration for your work. And the honest person never keeps himself in bad practice. Critics criticize them so they can not harm them because they know what they are doing is definitely not a bad thing. So they do not hit the mud of criticism. So be honest with yourself, go ahead with honesty. Then the counter of criticism will not prevent you. In the end, the laughter will smile on your face.

The above steps will help you to avoid criticism and help you to critically criticize them in the way of life.
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The 10 best strategies to control the mind

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
The mind is such a thing that depends on us all. Because if we do not mind, we do not want to work. The work that we do not mind is not done by us. And working against the mind is not perfect and it is not. But many times it is very important for our lives that if we do not do this work then our lives will be damaged in our lives, and the main problem is created here. By engaging our minds, we run away from those tasks. So we do not have to do those precious things, which results in a lot of problems in our lives.

Our emotional pressure, work pressure, uptake and upturn of relationships scattered our mind. These are the main reasons for bending the mind. But in order to improve in life, one should keep his mind under his control or control. Because it is said that many of the physical diseases are due to mental illness. If the mind is distracted then all of the activities are hampered. If you can not keep yourself under control, you will also be able to overcome the limit. And what is not in control is more difficult to control. So self-determination is very important. Self-control can be called a great tool to make yourself successful. And when you can control your mind when you want your subconscious mind, you will not control it as you wish, but you will control your mind. The mind can not encourage you to dodge the work that is necessary for your life. You can accomplish your tasks by keeping your mind in your control and your goals will not be disturbed. As a result, your life will taste the success of everything.

Mind control is not a matter of overnight. If you follow the following 10 strategies properly you can control your mind.

1. Meditation

There is no alternative to meditation to keep control of mind. Meditation is a very useful thing to keep your mind under control. When negative thoughts come to mind, mental stability decreases. Such thinking weakens the mental strength. When our mentality becomes weak, our self-confidence is lost. And we know that there is no motivation to lose confidence once lost. Then our unhappiness came upon us. We do not mind to do the work. As a result, our work remains unexpired. And when we came very close to the successor's corridor, we gave the failure to the forehead. But regular practice of meditation helps to calm the mind and keep it strong. And if the mind is okay there is no lack of inspiration. So meditate on keeping your mind calm.

2. Breathing exercises

It may be that almost all of us know that breathing exercises are a very effective way to relax the mind. Our mind is often distracted due to various pressures. These stresses may cause stress in your family, pressure of reading, work pressure etc. And because of this pressure, the joy of living sometimes gets spoiled. One of the symbols of life is contaminated. If we work with pressure, that work is never good, we are not aware of this. So if your mind is very scattered and unstable, you can exercise breathing to control it. To exercise, first breathe deeply. Hold on for a while. Then release the breathing slowly. Take a few times this way. This exercise will help you relax. Will help stop negative thoughts and emotions. And thereby you will be able to do well in your work and the genes will feel beautiful.

3. Mark the thought

The main reason for our mind being scattered is our different negative thoughts. If we do any work, we can open the negative thoughts about the results of the work or various issues. Our mind is distracted when these thoughts start slowing down inside us. After being upset our motivation is lost, and at the end of the day the work is not done by us or if the results rise, the result is not our hope. So, identify the thoughts that make you shy away from controlling your mind. If you think of negative thoughts again and again, you will become uncomfortable. So first find out the source of thought. Then stop the thoughts completely. Start thinking positive. Imagine what are the positive aspects of your life. Besides, you can also create a list of positive topics. When negative thoughts come to mind, see the list of positive thoughts. Your mind will calm down.

4. Take the mind aside

At the top point I have said that our negative feelings are scattered in our minds. And whose power to destroy is strong. These thoughts affect our self-confidence and at the same time, the point of inspiration comes to the bottom of the paper. And in the work that does not have the key to self confidence and inspiration, the result is that you know me well. So if you really want to control the mind, take the mind away from the negative thoughts. Get out of the environment of being depressed. If something is too much of a problem or is painful, skip it for a while. Pay attention to any other work. You will not be able to adversely affect your mind. And you can not affect your mind. As a result, your mind will remain in your control.

5. Music Therapy

The song is a great place for us all. Music also plays a role in controlling our minds. If you are so upset, listen to your favorite songs so your mind will be good. But to keep in mind, 'Saad Sam', if you are as dear as you are, you are going to have to avoid such songs if you are feeling down or under pressure. Try to listen to songs that are calm and minded. As a result of listening to good music, a hormone called dopamine is released into the body, which helps to improve the mind. It will help to deal with the challenges. You can also listen to different types of relaxation music as well.

6. Look at wax light

If you feel very unstable, you can look at wax light. Look at him by burning candles. Look at the light until the light is not fixed. Doing this will calm your mind. And if you do this regularly your attention will increase strength. Because it will make you decide on one side and keep control over the mind from mind disturb. You can also take a bath if you feel very upset. Watering the body will help to calm the mind.

7. Become optimistic

When it becomes optimistic, it is directly foreseen to increase our confidence. Keeps our inspiration alive. Desperation exits us when we give up hope. With his strong screen on the eighth hand. Which is difficult to get out of the way is difficult. And this disappointment makes our mind very uncomfortable. And its progress continued to grow slowly. Then we can not do our best. And we are increasingly sent to the streets of failure. Therefore, by blushing the cause of frustration, let yourself be positive towards the positive aspects and become optimistic. And remember life will come to an end, and if you are unhappy, you will not be able to move forward. And if this can be understood by the mind, then the mind will remain calm at all.

8. Enough sleep

Sufficient sleep is one of the ways to solve all physical and emotional problems. All of us need enough sleep. Not only in the mind control but in all cases. If we are not right to sleep, all our work is interrupted. Lasts all day, it works irritating body and mind is scattered. Nobody wants to sit in mind. It is seen in us a tension to leave the job. This can cause problems in our workplace. So if you do not sleep while under pressure your mind will be more scattered. That is why it is very important to sleep at least six to eight hours during this time.

9. Practice humanly

Humanity is not only needed in this case but it will help you at every step of life. Those who were inhumane, they could never land on the top of success. Before she was dying. On the other hand, those who go on their own path on the path of peace, generosity, humanity do not easily get upset. They reached the summit of success. So take the humility of humanity inside yourself, be forgiving. You will be able to control yourself before, feeling and the mind.

10. Smile

The best answer to all questions is the smile. There is no substitute for laughing at heart. Laughter is a product that greatly helps to make your body grow. Laughs out of mind with a bad window. It is very important to try to smile if it is too much pressure. But when the pressure of the state remains on the head, it does not smile like this, is it? In this case, you can see laughter programs. You can watch the comedy series except the drama or the tragedy series. Find a laugh or serial that will help smile on your face. Once again you can see the old serial or movie. The fun story of the favorite characters will help you to improve your mental state. And your pressure will get better in your mind. And when the mind is good, know that the mind is sitting on your mind.
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10 simple strategies to be happy

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Joy is the driving force of life. And this joy comes at the cost of happiness. In our self-interests, our activities are only for our happiness. In the hope of happiness, people are struggling so much in the way of life. Nobody takes steps for sorrow. Everyone is struggling so much for the beauty of the bliss of happiness. Say who wants to be happy in life. You, me, we all try to be happy for happiness. Handheld address of happiness. All the things we do in our day-to-day life, we do everything in the hope of happiness. Nobody would want to bring any more sorrow to life, would you?

But sorrow overtakes us for many reasons in the long journey of life. Actually the epitome of happiness and sadness coincidence Therefore, in this passage of life, happiness will come after happiness and again happiness will come after suffering. This is the real life cycle. But besides this, we ourselves are unknowingly destroying their happiness forever. Because in the life of sadness, people live happily and enjoying the grief of grief. There are few people in our country who have come out of this situation to enjoy life and enjoy life after reaching this tragedy. And this sad life tricks their confidence. And if the self-confidence shield becomes shaky, then there will be a lack of inspiration. It is normal. If both these successes become shaky then success will come in life and happiness will also be found to be seen.

On the other hand, if we live a happy life, our life is filled with happiness. The way of our life became colorful, the way of life. Then there was a skyscraper and confidence in the strength. Besides, happy people live for a long time. Optimism and positive thoughts inhibit heart disease, increase the resistance of our body. So it is very important to establish yourself as a happy person in life.

If you adopt the following 10 strategies correctly, you can also be the king of happiness state of happiness.

1. Do not be lonely, find a partner

Loneliness will take away the joy of happiness from your life. Although the loneliness seed does not spread its roots first, it gradually extends its strength. Touched his cloak. After that there are many problems. So do not be lonely, do not make mistakes in planting the life of loneliness. Stay tuned in relationships. Because the relationship helps people to stay happy. Those who keep a close relationship with different people in society, they stay happier and better than others and live longer. Intimate relationship with friends and family brings love and survival to life and builds self-confidence. Make your relationships stronger, develop new relationships. It is very important to be happy.

2. Do something for others

Helping others is the key to happiness - it gives us more happiness, makes us more healthy. Because our hearts are happy when we help others. If you do it for others, you feel proud of yourself, and this gives us the joy of ourselves. Believe me Well, with your own money, for a mother or father, a Punjabi or any gift for your mother, you will see their day filled with joy. And this joy can bring happiness to your eyes. Apart from doing anything for others, fear of the relationship between the people is stronger. As a result, the benefit of the society in general, everyone is happy. In all cases the question is not money and money. Time, ideas, labor can also be helped. So do something good to do well in mind. Then you can feel happiness without knowing the happiness inside.

3. Take care of your body

We live in our bodies at the end of the day. If your body is not good then no matter what you do. The body and mind are inextricably linked to each other. When the body is active, the mind is also happy, the health is good. If the 'mood' is good then you can also get out of mental exhaustion. Moreover, he who is not cared for himself can never go ahead because he can not take care of himself or how he will take care of others. And the biggest thing is to take care of yourself for happiness. Body, mind, increases our confidence if we are good. So take care of yourself and every day you can do some simple work. Just like going outside the house and taking fresh air and sleeping enough.

4. Set the goal of the choice

A positive attitude about the future is important for the happiness of the mind. Everyone needs some goals for 'motivation'. But they should not be unrealistic. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary 'stress' or emotional stress. If you set goals in the ambition and real framework, life will be run in the right direction. If you can fulfill that goal, satisfaction and satisfaction will come. On the other hand, success is not possible without work. The goal is to stoop success. And the goal is to bring people to the edge of success. And to achieve success, do not enjoy happiness? So it is important to set the goal of choice.

5. Become aware of the world around

Have you ever felt that there is more to life? The good news is, there really is more to life. We must understand that by standing in the footsteps. Increasing attention increases the feeling of feeling good in all areas of life. If you are aware of the present time there will not be any remorse about the past, there will be no anxiety about the future at all. And if you are present, you can enjoy your life because the main reason for the disappointment of the people is to stay in the past and think about the future. Together these two people enjoy the happiness. So it is important to be alert nowadays so that you can not touch the pain of the past and the anxiety of the future.

6. Want Positive Thinking?

Positive emotions like joy, gratitude and satisfaction are not good for just a while. Often these feelings come back to life and the life becomes more and more enjoyable. Positive thinking is a lot of power. It makes people's confidence strong. As a result, inspiration is found to be 100%. And if these two foundations are in the right place, then at the end of the day, happiness smiles on your face. There is happiness and sorrow in life, but focusing on the good aspects of any situation is really beneficial. Seeing half of the pot is good, half is not empty.

7. Do not stop learning

Education of the human spine Just like a man can not stand when the spine breaks, so can people not improve in life after learning from life. In his life, the happiness of life does not flow, the life becomes full of sorrow in the horror. Education has a positive effect in good cases. New ideas come to mind, help us to be curious and active. Education gives satisfaction to the mind, enhances self-confidence and power. There are many opportunities to learn new things - such as new skills, language, games, songs etc.

8. Learn to wake up again

Everyone's life is 'stress', loss of some or anyone, or other bad experience. Depending on how we deal with him, we do not have to be good at it. In our lives, in most cases we can not decide for ourselves. But we can decide our attitude about what has happened. According to a recent report, resistance to many things is also learned.

9. Be content with yourself

Nobody is perfect. But we often compare ourselves with others. If you do not own yourself, it's a lot of headache. And these thoughts take our happiness away from us. These thoughts are frustrating, and they are busted. If we are not satisfied with our own position, then it is difficult to be happy. So we should think more about what we have. Especially in difficult times, as we learn to accept it and feel more compassionate to ourselves, happiness will increase in life. Others will have the advantage of accepting them as well.

10. See yourself as part of a larger world

The person who sees the meaning of life, he is much happier. His mental stress, fear and depression levels are also low. Religious beliefs, being a parent of a child - even new jobs can bring meaning to life. This feeling is different for everyone. But in every case this feeling comes, that we are only a part of the larger world.

In the end, I will say the happiness and sorrow of the currency epitaph. Do not break up when you get saddened, do not stop being frustrated. There is no point in stopping life for these trivial reasons. Maybe you can turn your back on your back in the night pohale.
10 simple strategies to be happy 10 simple strategies to be happy Reviewed by CEO on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Rating: 5
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